Friday, September 23, 2005

Hainan and Hong Kong Trip / 30.07.05~08.08.05

Me and CP have our vacation in Hainan and Hong Kong early August this year. As you know, I have been to Hong Kong several times, but it was my first visit to Hainan!

Well, basically Hainan is not a hot tourist spot for tourists. It becomes famous lately due to Boao Forum For Asia Inaugural Ceremony and the Miss World Beauty Pageant in Sanya. We visited a friend in Haikou (capital city of Hainan) and followed her travelling from Haikou to Boao, Sanya and Lan Tian. The most significant tourist attraction is Nanshan Temple in Sanya. It is well-known of its Naihan Guanyin, which is a 3 surfaces magnificent Guanyin on the sea. I deem what makes tourists fond of Hainan is the hot spring spa there. Yeah, it's remarkable, you should try it!

Hong Kong?! Ha, shopping, shopping and again, shopping! It seems to be my annual activity there! As usual, I spent a bundle and I am broke! Apart from shopping, I went to The Peak this time round - A sublime scene of Hong Kong Island! And, what make Hong Kong so special nowadays? Yes, Disneyland ! Unfortunatelly, I had no chance to visit it as it has not been opened yet. Nonetheless, there were lots of Hong Kong residents purposely made their trip to Disneyland just to have a glimpse of its outlook. Sounds ridiculous? Ha!

My next proposed trip will be either Cambodia or Hong Kong (Again?! No choice, wanna go Disneyland!!) in March 2006. Wanna join me? Book earlier ^_^

Friday, September 02, 2005

Live On Air at MYFM

My very first on-air experience occured on the 27th May, 2005. I was invited to talk about Australian Education, live with Miss Vivian Tok, a top DJ in MYFM. No preparation, no pre-setting questions and no pre-communication prior to the show. Vivian is pretty easy to get along with, she treated you as a friend, just chitchat like you are in a coffee house, not in the studio. We chatted a lot, on-air and off-air, topics ranging from education, broadcasting, travelling to shopping (Ha, this is the most common topic amongst gals ^_^). Wow, we were so excited when talking about shopping in Hong Kong! We chatted for two hours for the show and had a very happening midnight at KTV.

Well, I received quite good feedbacks from my friends for the show. They said my performance were great and brilliant! Nonetheless, I personally thought that I was too careful while talking till I had a very slow reaction. If I will be given a chance again, I have confident it will be much better. Yeah, I am looking forward to having my 100% show! Some time in the future ...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Live On Air at MYFM

Discussion Topic-Australian Education
27/05/2005-Friday-10.00pm-12.00am-Vivian Tok & Me at the studio
Vivian Tok卓慧勤/Jinye Qingyuan今夜情缘/Jinye Shiwu Suo今夜事务所